Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is the Best Pitch in Baseball?

The question is often asked and pondered, so I decided to help everyone out on this one... The best pitch in baseball is "Strike 1!" Pitching ahead in the count is a must for baseball pitchers to climb the ranks thru travel ball and into high school and college. Just to give you a brief stat of how it changes the hitters approach at the plate:
When a hitter is 0-1 against the pitcher, the chances of him getting a hit decrease to 22%.
Meaning 78% of the time he will make an out!
When the hitter is 1-0 vs. the pitcher, this puts him in a more comfortable situation where us as pitchers now have a tougher time getting him out. Percentages say that hitters starting with a 1-0 count have a 32% chance of getting a hit.
Thus making him a .320 hitter. These numbers are on a big league scale but are relative to any level.
Make an effort and purpose to pitch ahead in the count by getting "STRIKE 1!"

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