Thursday, April 24, 2014

Focus on the Process

We all hear "Focus on the Process" but what does that actually mean and how can it be applied.  Having a RESULT based approach to Pitching/baseball is the quickest way to failure! We want a PROCESS based approach! Step 1 to being Process oriented is to take the thought of who you're playing out of the equation. Focus on what you are doing! Focusing on who you are pitching against (a specific player, coach or team) leads to elevated or lowered emotions that take away from your ability to focus on your pitch.  Approach each game the same way, whether a scrimmage game, regular season game or a playoff game, with leveled emotions. Work on throwing each pitch with commitment to your spot and with conviction in your pitch with unwaivered focus.  Once the ball leaves your hand you are no longer in control...

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