Monday, September 7, 2009

Look for an Advantage against hitters Part 1

There are many different ways to read how a hitter is attacking a pitcher. It is the pitchers job to figure it out and attack the hitters weakness intelligently.

Part 1: Where the hitter sets up in the batters box.

Look and see where the hitter's batting stance is in the box. If he stands in the back of the box he generally needs more time to see the fastball. If he’s in the back of the box, a good curveball will be tough for him to hit.

If he sets up in the front of the batters box, consider using your fastball. The closer he is to you, the less time he has to react to your fastball.

Also remember hitters that struggle with breaking pitches tend to scoot closer to the pitcher to hit the pitch before it has time to fully break. So you can also use the breaking pitch effective to this hitter as well if located down in the zone.

Hitters will move their feet and position in the box from pitch to pitch in an at bat . Be aware of changes in the hitters stance/set up from pitch to pitch.

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