Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Most important stats to successful pitching...

1. Strike 1!
This is the best pitch in baseball, and is also the lead stat for being a successful pitcher. Each of these 3 important stats build upon each other to produce a winning pitcher.
When a pitcher gets 0-1 (0 balls/1 strike) on the hitter, averages say he will make an out over 88% of the time. As opposed to being 1-0 (1 ball/0 strikes) leads to a significant advantage of averages for the hitter equaling a .290 batting average. These stats are based upon a MLB scale but are relative to any level. A hitting count study was taken over the past 2 years at Ga. Southern Univ. This study found that when a hitter made contact with the first pitch thrown in any at bat, the hitter made an out 92% of the time. This is an eye opening stat that pitchers should take note of. Pitching ahead in the count will always lead to success.
I will cover the second stat in the next blog...

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