Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stat #2

The 2nd most important stat is to pitch ahead of the count. Get 2 strikes before 2 balls!
Each of these 3 stats focus on staying in the present state of mind that will lead to being successful. (if you are thinking about what "has" happened or about the future, you wont be successful)
A quick fact to think about: Many times you hear coaches say "don't swing at the first pitch" According to a Division 1 study, hitters who make contact with the first pitch they see (0-0 count) hit for an average of .186!! They haven't had an opportunity to time you, so dont be afraid to throw the ball over the plate.
Hitters in a 2-1 count hit .290
Hitters in a 1-2 count hit .151
Focus to work one pitch at a time and accomplish one goal at a time by getting strike 1! Work ahead in the count, stay in the present state of mind and you will be successful!

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