Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stat #3

Get the first batter out of every inning! Stat #3 is a direct result from following Stats #1 and #2. Staying in the present mindset of getting strike 1 and concentrating on getting 2 strikes before 2 balls, will lead to getting hitters out more effectively. Staying with this plan will keep outside distractions to a minimum and allow you to stay focused. In keeping these 3 stats, your goal should be to maintain 67% on each. If we as pitchers can throw 67% first pitch strikes, get ahead of the hitter 67% of the time and get the first batter of the inning out 67% of the time then I promise we will be successful! These goals are not lofty...You can do it!
Continue to work hard and have fun doing it!

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