Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bullpen preparation leads to Game time success

Prepare for your bullpens like you would a game day start. Warm up by running, jumping rope or some other type of cardio to get a light sweat going. Always stretch properly before picking up the baseball. Play catch with some distance before getting on the mound. Take your bullpen practice sessions seriously. Better to throw 20-25 quality pitches in a bullpen than to throw 40-45 without focus. Not only will you create the right muscle memory but you will save bullets (pitches thrown) to be used in the future. This doesn't mean only throw 20-25 pitch bullpens. This means, take your practice time seriously. Preparation time isn't time wasted, you will look back on game day and thank yourself for being disciplined to prepare.
Nike said it best "just do it"

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