Monday, March 18, 2013

LHP goes 66-86 mph!

Everyday someone asks me how to increase velocity. The best answer I can give them is through hard work & dedication. Ben Correll is a living example of dedication & hard work.  Ben is here at SBA five days out of the week. Ben does not always have myself or Coach Cruz working with him, but he always has a plan and uses things he has learned to grow as a pitcher. 

Over the last year Ben has battled mechanics time and time again, but never worried about his velocity. Ben continued to work through the process and focus on the things he could control and is now throwing 86MPH

It is important for pitchers and all players of the game to understand we will waist time if we worry about things we cannot control. If we simply focus on what we can control we will have a better focus towards those objectives as well as increase our opportunities for a more desired result. 

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