Friday, November 6, 2009

What arm angle should pitchers use?

Baseball players shouldn't change their arm angle or arm action when they find themselves on the mound. However you throw the baseball when playing catch with your teammates on a flat surface should be the way you throw the baseball on an elevated surface (mound)... Too many kids pitching today either think they have to throw quote "over hand" or are being told to, "just because they are pitching." Each and everyone of us pitchers has a NATURAL arm action that we need to throw from.
Don't make pitching so difficult. Throw with the arm action you feel comfortable with and have fun doing it. Pitching in its simplest form is playing catch with the catcher.

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  1. Jake,
    Great blog. I have heard that an off season long throwing program is the best way to increase arm strength. Your opinion/suggested work out?