Thursday, November 29, 2012

Proper Conditioning

Its no secret that running is (should be)  an intergal part of any pitcher’s routine. Most of us grew up hearing about long distance running and its benefits for building endurance. This is true, it does build endurance, but it does not train our body to perform pitching related movements. I always think about my effort on the mound when throwing a pitch, I tried to explode off the mound. When we run long distance think about your pace and the time it takes to complete the run for that day. More often than not you are training slow twitch vs. fast twitch.  Also, when you run sprints it takes less space and time. Explosive movements correlate to fast twitch not slow twitch.
So our efforts this winter should include training like sprinters. Shuttles, gasers, sprints, are all good runs to do throughout the week. I still believe we should run long distance once or twice a week, but make these runs after a pen, or a long day of long toss. Use these to build endurance and flush your arm. Remember starting pitchers probably need more long distance than short relievers due to the task they are asked to perform. 

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